Bloom Your Business Online, is a course especially designed for florists, from all around the world, in order to help them to develop and manage their flowers business, in a risk-free way, by providing tips and tricks on how to increase their sales, how to advertise better their businesses, how to lead their team and overall, how to have a better life as florists.

What you can improve with the help of this course:

  1. How your low income can grow up to double until the end of the next month
  2. How to attract brides with big budgets
  3. How to improve your selling techniques and increase your sales
  4. How to make money all year and not only during the weddings season and holidays
  5. How to calculate the correct price of your arrangements and bouquets
  6. How to present an offer and how to enlarge your clients database
  7. How to build strong relationships with your clients in order to be always loyal to you
  8. How to convince new people to buy your arrangements instead of your competitors
  9. How to overcome the fear of having a business that may not work
  10. How to convince your clients that your work values more than a restaurant meal





How can this course solve your problems as a florist?

Success is not something that you gain in one day; you should work on it daily. The success formula is hard work + sales + self-education. This course can help you to understand better the selling process and other important aspects in your business like marketing, branding, management, leadership, time management, human recourses, etc. but the most important step is YOU to absorb as much valuable information you can, from the international floristry teacher and designer Andreea Stör. This information is a combination of her 20 years of experience in business sector and 10 years in the flower industry. All the business advises are specially made for florists, in a way that they can easily understand and benefit from them!

Bloom Your Business Online, consists of 9 lectures with easy to follow videos, with captions of the most important context and quizzes. You just have to log in and purchase the course and after that you will get full lifetime access to the curriculum of the course instantly and you can begin attending the course anytime you choose.

If you read this far, thank you! This means that you are so interested in literally blooming your business and your life. You should definitely buy this course if you:

Want to open a business with flowers and you don’t know how
You already have a flower business and you want to improve it
You already have a flower business that doesn’t produce the income that you want
You want to raise your living standards starting immediately from this month
You want specific advices for entrepreneurs in flower industry and also tips and tricks that will help you to overcome problems that you have or may have in the future
You want to learn how to attract big budget clients
You want to learn how to make profit even during the winter time and not only during the wedding season
You want to know how to convince people to buy your arrangements instead the ones of your competitors

This course is for you if you are:

A flower shop owner
A wedding planner
An enthusiastic new florist entrepreneur
A floral designer or a florist
Just a flower lover that you want to make money by following your passion

I N T E R N A T I O N A L   F L O R I S T R Y   T E A C H E R   &   D E S I G N E R

My name is Andreea Stör and I am an international floral designer and teacher, with over 20 years of experience in business sector and over 10 years in floristry.

My achievements:

I helped florists that followed my advices to double their profits in a short time

I taught florists how to make serious profits even during the wintertime

I taught florists how to attract big budget brides and events with less effort

I helped many florists in my country and worldwide to understand what are marketing, leadership and finances and how to handle them

I taught a lot of florists around the world how to create a work environment that their employees will fall in love with

And many more


If you pay until the 11th of April 2017
$450/Lifetime Access
  • Lifetime Access to Bloom Your Business Online Programme.
  • Access to the secret facebook group where you will have new valuable videos and Q&A.