Are you running out of time? Time management is not your forte?


I believe that floristry is a way of life and you have probably started your business out of passion, and that is at the core of what you are doing in your business.

However, at some point passion is not enough, because this is a business and has to be able to sustain and generate income and mental comfort in order for you to continue living the life you like!


In 2011, I took the decision to start transforming my passion for flower design into a business.

    I started a floral design international school (

I have brought with me into the flower business the entire package of experience and knowledge I have absorbed in my previous 20 years in the business sector( I’ve started very early 🙂 plus the 5 years university study of Horticulture .

I was so ready! Super excited with the creativity on high level!


After a while I became exhausted, unhappy, with no time for myself or my family,  all my life was just business and the floral design was the last thing that I was dealing with.

What floral designs and new techniques ? There was no time and energy for my passion.


I was that type of person who thought only I could  have  the  best  results, not only at some things, but at all of them. Delegate, was the last word I could listen.

I was supposed to be good at everything, I wanted everything perfect in every detail.

      It was all about: I can do it!   

 I didn’t knew how to make things different, because I thought that the flower business is so different from the other industries.

    I tell you a secret: the flower industry makes no exception!


After a while, I asked for some support, because there were too many things to organize and to deal with. So I started to build my team.

Not just simply hiring people, but first starting to use my time better.

  This is a simple and effective Time Management tool, that you can use starting from today:


  1. Give yourself  the emotional permission to spend time on things today that will give you more time tomorrow.
  2. Can I ELIMINATE the task? Is it worth doing?

           Learn how to say ‘’NO’’ to unimportant tasks. Everytime you say ‘’no’’ to something that is not significant for your business and for yourself, simultaneous you say ‘’ yes ‘’ to important things.Get rid of the guilt of saying ‘’no’’.

  1. If it can’t be eliminated, than can I AUTOMATE the task?

          For every process I create  today, saves me time tomorrow. It is just like settle an online bill pay, you spend 2 hours to set up the direct debit once and than you save 30 minutes every month.


  1. If it can’t be automated, can I DELEGATE it?

       Can I teach someone else how to do this?

       This is a sensitive subject for creative people and I can hear you saying: I can’t delegate, because they can’t do it as well as I can!

        That is maybe true once, or twice, but if you think longer term, they would be able to master the task as good as just like you were and you can focus on more important tasks.

  1. If you can’t delegated, then it’s YOURS  to DO IT!

           Is it now? And if the answer is ‘’yes’’ then FOCUS. Or can it wait until later? But you decide when later, so you won’t procrastinate something important!


    Now I can focus on what is important to me and my business!

     How is it for you delegate and how do you manage your time?


-Give yourself the emotional permission to spend time on things today that will give you more time tomorrow.-